The focus ‘Involvement’ of the LBG OIS Center aims to involve citizens, patients and stakeholders as active participants in research in order to promote socially relevant research. We offer different public involvement (PI) implementation programs to embed public involvement activities in the Austrian research landscape. 

The PI implementation programs build on the public involvement principles co-created with researchers and stakeholders described in the Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement’ ‘PPIE How to’ Guide for Researchers. We support researchers and citizens providing funding infrastructure, facilitation and support services and a follow-up for public involvement initiatives in research:

Fund, Facilitate, Follow

FUND: PI implementation programs fund public involvement initiatives on different levels of interaction - from involving the public to leading own initiatives - in three phases.

  • Phase I: involving patients and the public in research activities
  • Phase II: supporting local public partnerships in research projects (planned)
  • Phase III: supporting public spaces and co-led research groups by the public (planned)

FACILITATE: we offer consultation and training opportunities for researchers and citizens, and a peer network to foster exchange knowledge in the PI community and learning from PI initiatives.

FOLLOW: we evaluate the outcomes and impact of PI initiatives to learn for future calls and programs.


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