Ideas belong in the box!

The Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft Open Innovation in Science Center is now collecting your ideas to originate new research projects in the broad spectrum of health.

In some way we all research our own health: we learn which tea soothes the intestines and observe which pollen makes our eyes cry. All this information and knowledge come together in our personal reference book. But what about those personal medical questions to which there are no answers - neither from doctors nor from Dr Google? With our Ideenbox (ideas box) we search for blind spots in research by asking for your everyday health issues. People who have unsolved health problems or want to share their everyday observations are called upon to contribute to our ideas box.

In this large-scale crowd-sourcing project, we are collecting unsolved health problems, knowledge about one's own course of illness, or everyday health lived experiences. At, we welcome contributions of all kind (in German) related to health. The results will be published and visualized in an Open Knowledge Map. From September 2021, it will also be possible to submit problems in physical boxes in publicly accessible places, such as museums or libraries. After the collection phase, participating citizens and researchers will evaluate the contributions together and edit them in workshops around spring 2022. Other relevant stakeholders will also be involved in this process.

The ‘Ideenbox’ welcomes and encourages all ideas. You can submit your everyday health problems or your personal observations of illnesses in the box. We aim to enable the involvement of people who have no academic medical background but are interested in or are facing problems related to health. By doing so, we not only try to make health research more democratic - we also hope to ensure that valuable knowledge from people with lived experience is not lost.

Ideenbox website:

What does health research need?

Does an old home remedy work? Are there several diagnoses for a disease pattern? What nutritional elements keep us healthy? Whatever is on your mind: submit your problems and observations into the box! A team of citizens and scientists will analyze the submissions and soon start to research on the most important questions about the future of our health. Visit 

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