COVID-19 Support Measure: OIS Research Enrichment Fund

  • Call deadline: call is closed
  • Funding: € 20.000 - max. € 80.000
  • Assessment period: Rapid Response within one week 
  • Decision: 10.04.2020
  • Projects end: 30.09.2020

Call and Criteria

The OIS Research Enrichment Fund supported activities by Ludwig Boltzmann Institutes that address challenges arising from the current “Corona crisis” and that will thus contribute to increasing the impact of their work. We offered support for applying Open Innovation in Science in its widest sense. 

The call was designed as a rapid response to the "corona crisis".

  • application by the Head of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute 
  • One application per LBI 
  • 3 pages explaining the planned activity in terms of the applied Open Innovation approach, i.e.,  
    • how and for the purpose of what external knowledge sources (e.g., from users, patients, companies, researchers from other disciplines, public organizations or the wider public) are engaged, or  
    • how and for the purpose of what internal knowledge sources are externally leveraged to address the current “Corona” crisis.
    • the way this activity can enhance the research and the impact of the LBI,
    • the requested funding and its use within this activity.
Type of funded activities 

Non-comprehensive list: 

  • Hackathons on existing data/resources to engage externals in collaborative problemsolving or application finding 
  • (Gamified) crowdsourcing of inputs to the research process (e.g., data, problems and research questions) 
  • Other types of online platforms to foster interaction between academia and society 
  • (Virtual) co-creation and co-implementation of new research projects together with externals partners (e.g., patients, companies, the wider public, researchers from other disciplines) 
  • Other innovative ways of (virtual) involvement of external stakeholders (e.g., patients, companies, the wider public) in research
Covered costs 
  • Technical Equipment, Software, materials, etc. 
  • Subcontracting 
  • Service Contract
  • No personnel costs
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