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LBG OIS Impact Model (2019)

Access: OIS Impact Model (en)

This impact model was developed with a diverse set of internal and external stakeholders in two workshops. It was the goal to collaboratively elaborate the desired effects of LBG OIS initiatives for involvement and engagement. 

The OIS impact model makes the effect of involvement and engagement activities visible and transparent and thus guides the design of all OIS initiatives. In addition, the impact model can be used to evaluate existing OIS initiatives in order to identify in how far they achieve the impact they intend to and adjust them accordingly.

For more information, visit the OIS Impact Website.

LBG PPIE 'How to' Guide for Researchers


A Field Guide to Public Engagement and Culture Change

Access: Field Guide

"A Field Guide to Public Engagement and Culture Change" of the Bath University is for anyone who is working to raise the profile of public engagement with research within their institution. This could be public engagement professionals, researchers with a departmental responsibility for public engagement, or professionals who have public engagement as part of their broader remit within higher education institutions. 

Short guide on patient partnerships in rare disease research projects
Other Guides

How to Publish PPIE Activities


Access: GRIPP2 Form (en)

GRIPP2-LF represent the first international evidence based, consensus informed guidance for reporting patient and public involvement in research.  GRIPP2 aims to improve the quality, transparency, and consistency of the international PPI evidence base, to ensure PPI practice is based on the best evidence.

S. Staniszewska, J. Brett, I. Simera, K. Seers, C. Mockford, S. Goodlad, D. G. Altman, D. Moher, R. Barber, S. Denegri, A. Entwistle, P. Littlejohns, C. Morris, R. Suleman, V. Thomas and C. Tysall (2017). GRIPP2 reporting checklists. tools to improve reporting of patient and public involvement in research. Research involvement and engagement, 3(1), 13.
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