PPIE Webinar Series

Webinar 1: PPIE Pilotausschreibung 2020 [DE]

Im Webinar "PPIE Pilotausschreibung 2020" wurde das Thema der Ausschreibung, die Beteiligung von Bürger*innen und Patient*innen in Forschung, die Förderkriterien und die Online-Einreichplattform vorgestellt. Es bestand die Möglichkeit nach dem Vortrag Fragen zur Ausschreibung zu stellen.

In the webinar "PPIE pilot call 2020", we presented the goals of the call, the supported modes of participation of citizens and patients in research, the funding criteria and our online submission platform. It was possible to ask questions about the programme after the lecutre. This webinar was held in German.

Webinar 2: Involving People In DNA Research [EN]

Jack Nunn, La Trobe Univeristy Australia, reports his experiences with participatory practices in genetic research and answers questions about participation formats in the natural sciences. This webinar was held in english.

Webinar 3: Citizen participation in social science research: sharing experiences [EN]

Liz Richardson, Professor in Public Administration at the University of Manchester, presented experiences with citizen paticipation in the social sciences from her own research. Her research interests centre on public policy and citizen participation, as well as participatory research methods. Liz tries to work in trans-disciplinary ways where possible, with partners outside the Academy, including public and voluntary sector organisations, civil society groups and citizens. This webinar was held in english. 

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